Pzingo is a lovley puppy with lots of energy. She loves to play, she is very easy to teach new things. And she tries to sneek food as often as she can.    
Look at pictures from:
Pzingos first month
Pzingos second month part one
Pzingos second month part two
Pzingos third month part one
      Rex Ventors Pzingo, born 071010  
  Pzingos third month part two      
  Pzingo five months old   SvCh LP1
Rex Ventors Kayenne "Yenna"
  Pzingo six months old   Father:  
      S N Ch NordJV-03 SV-06
Rex Ventors Hero to Evergrace "Hero"
  Pzingos siblings      
      Breeder: Veronica Thorén at
Rex Ventors kennel